Creative Interactions

Silent Discovery

Today as part of the Creative Interactions taught sessions we met Carran Waterfield, a guest lecturer and theatre maker. After a discussion based lecture/seminar we took part in a practical workshop which was refreshing and enjoyable.

We were asked to move around, re-exploring a space we have spent a lot of time in, to really become accustomed and comfortable with our surroundings. Then we were asked to lie down and let everything else fall away so that it was just us and our projects in the space. We were asked to visualize our project through our body and the way we moved. Our bodies were our projects

In the beginning, I tried to overthink how to do this as I am still discovering what my ‘core question’ or focus is, however once I let this go and stopped overcomplicating the exercise and my project new links and aesthetics were discovered.

I started to physically show the clinical, scientific aspect to the project through repeated testing and task, as this is a certain and necessary part of the project. What came next started to illuminate what could be an aspect of a performance or a reason for testing. I created physical activities that incorporated my surroundings (a chair and square shelving) that were difficult to complete and repeated multiple times, such as moving my body around a chair without stepping off and pulling myself and the chair into the shelving unit and leg pressing myself back out. The activities I created could be seen as theatricalizing sports as the activities I created weren’t recognized sports, yet I was exerting just as much energy and effort through the contemporary movement, informed by my knowledge as an athlete.

I wanted to show the difficultly of the task and begun to question the endurance of it. Aesthetic and themes of the Grotesque were very much present in my mind as I silently worked through set improvised movements and allowed my thoughts to freely flow…

 Thoughts • Possibilities • Questions

  • Seeing bodies be pushed/ worked hard
  • It’s difficult to watch someone struggle/ withstand exhaustion
  • Visual endurance
  • Scientific endurance – What does the data say?
  • Does the scientific testing represent/show the exhaustion/pain a person is feeling?
  • What is the difference between scientific data and the real human experience?
  • Grotesque
  • Clinical, wires. Repetition – analytical.

On stage – performer pushing their body to exhaustion on a bike with a projection of what exactly is happening to their body = visual and technical

Projection – data converted to colours = juxtaposed OR data converted sound = matched


I felt extremely positive  leaving this workshop after discovering some new aesthetics and focuses, and then received an email from a possible collaborator which seems very promising. We are meeting Wednesday to discuss our interests and how we could work together.





3 thoughts on “Silent Discovery”

  1. It was really good to work with you Claire and to read this feedback. I can link your work to mine through my blog if you like.


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